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Club Lion

The following rules and consequences apply to cooking club.  Each student agrees to follow all rules and accept any consequences given for failing to follow rules.

Rules: iconRules:title

No horseplay in the kitchen.
No playing around the stove or oven.
Do not turn the stove or oven up too high.
Wash hands and tables at the beginning and end of each session.
Do not eat raw ingredients.
Do not add extra ingredients.
Try everything.
Tie back long hair.
Always follow directions.
Everyone helps clean up during each session.

Consequences: iconConsequences:title

During one session:

1st offense – Verbal warning.

2nd offense – No more cooking for the day.

3rd offense – Call parents and go home.


Over multiple sessions:

1st offense – Verbal warning

2nd offense – Parent contact- banned from next meeting.

3rd offense – Banned from cooking club for the rest of the year.