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School Policies

Dress Code (See pages 125-126 in the school planner)

Dress_Code_(See_pages_125-126_in_the_school_planner) iconDress Code (See pages 125-126 in the school planner)title

Douglass Middle School complies with the district-board adopted policy on dress and grooming.  All Douglass students are expected to abide by the school-wide dress code policy, as it establishes an optimal learning environment for all students.  All dress code violations will be corrected immediately. No student will be allowed to remain in any classroom inappropriately attired.
NOTE: No baseball hats are allowed.  Hats with a 360 bill are allowed outside only.  Beanies are allowed during cold weather and may be worn outside only. Shirts must be over the shoulder. No tank tops, sleeveless shirts, or halter tops of any kind are permitted.  Shorts must be mid-thigh, roughly 8-9 inches off the knee. No South Pole or Ecko clothing may be worn on campus. No sunglasses, hats, and hoods are allowed in class at any time.  Leggings are only allowed under appropriate length shorts and skirts.
Garments Concealing Identity- No garments shall be worn that may conceal the identity of a student on campus at any time. The use of masks, hoods on hoodies, hoods on sweatshirts, wide brim hats, and any other garments that conceal a persons’ identity are prohibited to wear on school campus. 
Illicit images on clothing – Garments with any type of illicit images (drug, alcohol, sexual images) are not allowed on campus.